Ambassador Writing Guidelines

Thank you for choosing the be an Ambassador to the San Francisco Marathon! We welcome you into this select group of amazing runners who are as passionate as we are about this wonderful race series. As part of your commitment to the program, we ask that you submit content to our Blog for our community. To make it easy on you, we have prepared these steps for you to follow when writing your monthly post.

1. Write a post that is unique and has real value to our readership of avid runners.

This can be on a topic of your choice that fits the needs of those who dare to run! Topics may include:

  • Your love and tour of our city
  • Running tips for improvement
  • Nutrition for runners
  • Advice on resting and energy
  • Your own running success story
  • Stretching tips and techniques
  • Fun runs in SF
  • Your training experience at 365

Make sure to update your topic and name on the Google Sheet

2. Make proper use of Headers and subheaders to break out paragraphs and sub-paragraphs

3. Write a post at least 500 words and no more than 800

4. Trustworthy resources: Embed links to original sources of information (studies, stats, etc.)

5. No plagarism or copying from other sites or any older published pieces

6. Kindly Proofread and spell-check the document.

7. Always Fact check for accuracy when citing any landmark or historical event

8. If you would like to submit a photo with your piece, send to us as a separate file and make sure it is high-res and original.


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