Decisions, decisions…

As promised, I’m writing down and planning my 2011 Race Calendar.  Yesterday I told you all the factors that I consider when planning the year that inevitably has led me to my choices.  However, I also told you about my issues with sticking to the plan, impulse registering, and all of that.  SO, here is my TENTATIVE calendar:

So I’ve picked 4 half Marathons, 3 Full Marathons, a 21 Miler, and a 10k or 10 miler (tbd).  I will still pick a few 5k or 10k tune-up runs or for fun with friends.  But I’m pretty excited about this line-up.  It has a little bit of everything, some travel, some trail runs, a few races I want to go back to, and some new races to try.

I had some major decision-making with so many races to choose from, but I’m really excited about this year!  Anyone running these races?  Maybe I’ll see you out there!


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