Bridget Batson’s Weekly Running Recipe- Week 5

7 Minute Salmon

You will need:

A 400 degree oven and parchment paper
2 salmon steaks, 5 oz each
2 dill sprigs
1 T Meyer lemon zest
2 T olive oil
1 cup fennel, thinly shaved
water ( or a splash of  wine ! )
salt & pepper

Cut the parchment paper into two 14 x 14 inch pieces. Divide the fennel in half and place ¾ of the way up the paper. Season the salmon with salt and pepper and place on top of the fennel. Sprinkle with the olive oil, Meyer lemon zest, dill sprigs and a splash of liquid. Fold the parchment paper in half. Twist the edges of the paper together forming a half moon. Place on a sheet tray and into the oven. Bake for 7 minutes. The liquid inside of the paper should be bubbling when done.  Tear open a corner and slide the salmon out.

This is wonderful served over roasted Yukon gold potatoes or a mixed green salad.

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