Special Offer from UltraLyte Electrolyte!

Congratulations SF Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5k/Progressive Finishers-  you did it!  Runners were hydrated and refueled by UltraLyte Electrolyte, the Official Performance Beverage of The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon.

UltraLyte Electrolyte is formulated with easy to digest carbohydrates, electrolytes, vitamin C, amino acids and other nutrients to help fuel long workouts. UltraLyte Electrolyte Powdered supplement mix is made to Quench Your Inner Thirst and replenish nutrients your body uses during endurance training and competition. UltraLyte’s Lemon-Lime Ice doesn’t contain any artificial colors or flavors and tastes great naturally.

Want to keep the momentum going?  Train for your next endurance event with UltraLyte.  SF Marathon participants can take 25% off all orders using discount code “sfmarathon” through August 31st.  Happy hydrating!

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