Announcing… The 2012 Wipro SF Marathon Ambassadors!

It’s been a long, grueling process, but we’ve done it. We’ve narrowed the amazing applicant pool down to 32 phenomenal athletes. These runners will inspire, educate, and support you for the next year as we prepare together for The 2012 Wipro SF Marathon.

So, without further ado, we present to you, your Ambassadors!

Albert P. Cupertino, CA
Alisyn G. San Jose, CA
Alyssa Y. San Francisco, CA
Andrew T. Chicago, IL
Aron E. Concord, CA
Charlie J. Sparks, NV
Chris K. Portland, OR
Christina T. Los Angeles, CA
Christine C. Aptos, CA
Claudia C. Vancouver, WA
Courtney A. San Francisco, CA
Daniela V. Denver, CO
Emily F. New York, NY
Eric J. Lawrence, KS
Jamie J. Tigard, OR
Jen H. San Francisco, CA
Jerry A. Beltsville, MD
Keith S. Tucson, AZ
Laura L. Sacramento, CA
Lauren W. Tempe, AZ
Libby J. Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex, TX
Luis B. Riverside, CA
Mark H. Pleasanton, CA
Mark H. Brooklyn, NY
Michael K. Charlotte, NC
Monika C. San Diego, CA
Nancy C. Belchertown, MA
Peter R. San Carlos, CA
Roni K. Sunnyvale, CA
Ryan N. San Francisco, CA
Susan P. New York, NY
Westley L. Seattle, WA

Stay tuned for more news and updates from our Ambassador Team! Congratulations to all of you!

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