Gift Ideas for Runners

Guest Blogger Jerry Allison

The holiday season is upon us. And for the some the dreaded, “what do you want forJerry Allison Christmas”  list seems to loom on us or maybe that’s just me. Every year it’s the same and every year I shrug.

Really, all I want is running stuff and talking with some of my fellow Ambassadors that’s all they want too. But it can be confusing for some non-runners. Or maybe some runners need a little help with their list. So here are some suggestions:

I.D.: With the amount of run-ins I’ve had with cars this year, I suggest an I.D. for every runner I know. Whether it’s a Road I.D., a Nathan VITAband, or 1BandID, it’s a great way to stay safe on the roads or in a race.

Endurasoak: I’ve always been one for ice bathes until I found Endurasoak. It’s similar to Epsom salt but comes in two different scents Peppermint Rosemary or Lavender Lemongrass. I really like the peppermint scent, but it is the holidays after all.

Socks: They are the perfect stocking stuffer and runners can never have too many. I love Balega socks cause they come in different colors, but a lot of people like Features Elite.

Yurbuds: I’ve always had problems with earbuds falling apart due to sweat. That all went away when I bought a pair of yurbuds. They twist and lock into your ear and made out of medical silicon. They never fall out, which was always my problem.

Rundies: One thing on my list are Rundies from Oiselle. They are underwear that have printed on them different workouts that you might want to do that day, like a “long run”.

Nike Element Hoodie: I love this garment. It’s a great running hoodie. I have two and have suggested it to every woman who has come into my running store. It’ll keep you warm in the cold.

Running shirt: I love shirts that profess my running love and there are a lot out there. Oiselle, Banana Blossom Press, and Nike are just some companies that have great everyday running shirts.

Entry to a race: Races are a favorite in the running crowd. And what’s better than to get entry to a race that you’ve been eyeing or a random race in another city you’ll be visiting? I say nothing is.

Gift card for a massage: Though runners love to run they like getting massages just as much. They help restore the body and work out any kinks.

GPS device: This is the perfect gift for a runner who claims they want to know the distance they just ran or their phone GPS isn’t as accurate as they thought. I’ve fallen in love with mine and recommend it to anyone frustrated over not knowing their mileage.

I also, asked the other ambassadors about their list and here’s what they had to say:

Michael K.: Is asking for the book “Running on the Edge” by Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano.

Nancy P: Is asking for the Petzl Tikka CP 2 LED Headlamp.

Alisyn G.: Is asking for the book “Born to Run” and a gift certificate to her favorite sporting good store.

Courtney A.: Suggested an IOU for pasta dinner the night before a race.

Laura L.: Wants the Saucony Vizipro Pink gear.

Jerry Allison lives in the DC area. She can be found working the Pacers running store floor, fitting runners for shoes. If she’s not there you can find her running the trails, writing for her blog, Eat to Run Run to Eat, or watching the newest Bravo marathon. She ran her first marathon for her twenty-first birthday and has completed six halfs and two fulls since then. If your looking for new shoes or gear, IT band advice, or just want to talk, find her on Twitter.

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