I’ve Never Been a Dreamer

Last week, our team took MBTI Communication Style tests.  I learned a few things about myself (by learned, I mean reconfirmed); I’m introverted, realistic, and orderly.   A few days later, a specialist met with us to talk about our results, and in my analysis, she said “you prefer to think,  reflect and find all of the risks before making a decision”.  Guilty as charged.

She also mentioned that I’m not naturally inclined to dream big or act spontaneously.  Again, I had no defense.  Now, to some people, that sounds boring, but to me it means that I set attainable goals, make balanced choices.  BUT, I’m learning through running that sometimes there’s a time and place for dreaming.

It’s been a month since Lake Sonoma, and the last few weeks I’ve felt like I’m in at a standstill.  I’m too guarded and prudent to jump into the next big goal, but my heart is curious and ready for a challenge.  So, for the first time in years, I have had NO race on my calendar.  No specific goals.  Just a pair of running shoes that I lace up a few days per week for my sanity.

Photos from a recent run exploring SF

I’ve been asked “what’s next” a LOT.  Sometimes I change the subject, sometimes I admit to not knowing, and sometimes I reply with thick sarcasm about quitting running altogether.  I guess the reason is, I’m letting myself dream for as long as my planning, realistic, and responsible side can tolerate it.  I’m tossing out practical for just a few more days to let myself linger in the “what ifs”.

So, here it is.  There are infinite places I’d like my legs to take me if they could.  Endless mountains (literally) I’d like to climb and cityscapes I want to race through. But here are just a few things I’ve added to my list of BHADs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals Dreams);

  • A “Stage” Race: I’ve been researching a lot of staged events, where athletes run for multiple days in a row, camping overnight and picking up the next day.  Right now I’m smitten with the TransRockies– A 6-Day Colorado Run that covers 120 miles in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Pike’s Peak:  Another gorgeous Colorado race with almost 8k feet in elevation gain.  I guess the tougher the hills, the prettier the view at the top!
  • Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc: Maybe because it’s measured in Kilometers, I can’t seem to convince myself that this is a 100-plus-mile race.  I’ve always been a sucker for photos, and I think that’s why my head is in the clouds thinking this would be a good idea.  Someday.

That’s just a SMALL sample of what I’ve found in the last few weeks.  It’s been fun to imagine my feet carrying me forever and exploring different parts of the world.  I’m storing the ideas away for when the time is right, which I hope isn’t too far away.

Even the most sensible, structured people in the world need to let their minds wander sometimes.  If I can recommend just one thing, write your big scary goals down.  Look at them every so often and know that eventually you’ll pursue them.

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