I’ve Met the Running Reaper

Guest Blogger Eric Jorgensen

I think my marathon career ended this month, but it might do wonders for my running career.

I recently accepted a biting fact of my life. I cannot maintain a heavy running dosage if I plan to walk normally later in life. This sucks. I will miss being able to step outside my house and explore everything within 20-30 miles.

My heavy mileage over the past few years has added up in my calendar, and subtracted the forgiveness in my knees, which have never been entirely reliable. I decided to scale back my running to more moderate amounts. This means I either can’t or shouldn’t run marathons anymore, ending my 26.2 career as a one-and-done.

The silver lining here is my favorite kind of runs are 5-8 miles, which should be perfectly absorbable by my dainty, pathetic knees. I’ll be able run that distance with a peace of mind knowing a long run isn’t hanging over my head from the approaching weekend, and wondering if I should stop my run short to preserve my knees that Saturday or Sunday.

Something else happened that might have ruined my chances to PR in the half marathon on July 29.

I had taken into account my new mileage goals as I planned my half marathon training when something I certainly didn’t expect to happen, happened. I had one of those family emergencies so many of us have endured. I received that phone call. The one that weakens your joints and makes your palms sweat. I was told I needed to come home immediately, because my mom was in the hospital. I was on a plane within hours. I’ll spare you from feeling sympathy. My mom is a champ and everything is gravy. That is, everything but my training. While I was home I ran zero times and ate a bajillion cosmic brownies.

Family members dancing with death is never well timed, but at this point in the summer, given missed runs and injured knees, I am just trying to salvage my training for July 29.

But it’s OK. The course doesn’t get tougher just because my training has taken a hit. It will still be beautiful San Francisco. My time will be what it will, but I’ll have fun with you all no matter what.

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