You Are Ready

Guest Blogger Eric Jorgensen

The hard part is over.

All you have to do now is the one thing for which you’ve trained all these months. Run your race. You are ready.

Your training is done. Your body is as ready as it is going to be. There’s nothing you can do to change your preparedness, and you gain nothing by second guessing yourself or wringing your mind dry with stress. Know this. Relax. You are ready.

At this point I cannot tell you some secret that is going to improve your finish time, but I can tell you something that will improve your race.

Do what feels right.

Running, like life, is better when you do.

You are ready. As ready as you can possibly be. There is nothing left unsaid between you and me, and there isn’t anything else you need to hear—except the gentle tapping of your soles in your ears when you pace this beautiful city.

I will run and try to notice; to truly feel the moment happening. I hope you can do the same, and that it lasts with you as a fulfilling memory in a happy life.

Good luck, and let yourself smile.

Your friend,


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