A Note for Our Fans

Hey, it’s me.  At first glance, you might not know who I am.  I’m the girl who responds to your Facebook messages, Tweets with you about gear and training runs, and shares photos of SF scenery from my runs.  If you’ve connected with us on social media, well, we’ve met.

A few years ago, we (The SF Marathon) dove into the Facebook & Twitter world with hopes of really connecting with local runners.  We hoped we’d meet some cool athletes, share stories and build a community.  It didn’t happen overnight, but, over time, this community has become the heartbeat of our event.   I’ve met incredible people, both online and off.  I’ve met cancer survivors, the fastest of the fast, bloggers, moms, people just trying to get fit and tr.ail geeks.  I’ve met friends.

I realize I don’t know all 25,000 of you who will be running tomorrow.  But I HAVE gotten to chat with a LOT of SFM athletes on Facebook and Twitter, follow your stories, and share the excitement that 26.2 and 13.1 brings.  Why do we all line up together to challenge this distance when we could just hit the pavement on our own?  Because we thrive off of the community and even friendly competition.  We inspire one another to push harder, faster, and longer.  We perform at our peak when we’re all there with one collective goal- to make it to the finish line.

This year, instead of just standing at the finish line covering the race, sharing photos , news, and a little inspiration, I’m running WITH you.  I won’t go into too much detail, but I’ll be running the 52.4 with a handful  of friends for a cause that’s very dear to me.Just like you, I’m feeling the nerves, anxiety, anticipation, and excitement that comes along with tackling a new challenge.  “What if it’s not my day?  What if I forget to ___?  Where will I inevitably hit the wall?”… But what adds a little confidence is knowing that I’ll be in a sea of runners who are in the same boat.
Our SFM Team can’t WAIT to welcome you to the city.  Race Day is the best day of the year because even if there are trials and tribulations, the journey of a marathon (or two or a half!) is one that changes lives and one that you’ll never forget.

So, friends, fans, followers, GOOD LUCK and show the streets of San Francisco what you’re made of.  Take photos and share your experience with us!  And if you see me in this light blue tank top with The SF Marathon Twitter handle on it (photo above…), give me the runner’s nod as you pass.  I’ll see you at the finish line.


**Come meet up with us at the SFM Tweet-Up at the Expo today at noon!

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