Mapping the Next Adventure

I’ve written and talked a lot about why I run and what running has taught me.  There are some very tangible reasons, and others are a bit harder to define.  But an important part of why I run is because I’m a bit of a wanderer.

I’d always imagined that after college I would travel and see the world a little bit, but lucky for me, I was immediately snatched up by The SF Marathon whirlwind and have been dedicated to working on this incredible race  ever since.  It’s been 4 years of living in San Francisco, meeting inspiring athletes, and being a part of this amazing running community.  So, after a lot of thought and a lot less planning, I plan on taking this 5th year a little differently.

I’m writing now, zillions (ok, maybe only thousands) of feet in the air, Colorado bound.  This will be the first leg of a year-round journey to explore and see the places I’ve always wanted to go, on foot.  I won’t get into too much detail, but this will be the first of many trips around the US and hopefully internationally that I’ll take between now and June of 2013.  The trips will have a few things in common:  I’ll be bringing my favorite travel buddies (my running shoes), and hopefully be making and visiting new and old friends along the way.  And obviously, I’ll bring all the necessary 21st century devices to stay plugged in to the social-networking-sphere and keep myself connected.

I’ll write a little more about where I’m going in Colorado in a day or two, but it’s sure to be exciting, scary, and rewarding.  Like many runners, I’m very type-A.  I’m a planner, I rarely act on impulse, and prefer to be fully prepared for life’s challenges.  In the past year, I’ve had a wonderful support system that has pushed me to take baby steps and now leaps towards committing to and pursuing what my heart wants, even if the outcome is a blurry unknown.

I love this quote I stumbled upon through Lululemon a while ago.  I look back on it occasionally and remember that often the most gratifying path that is also the most intimidating, daunting and scary.

More news to come tomorrow as I acclimate to high altitude in Fort Collins this weekend.  But, my year is not even close to planned.  Do you have suggestions for where to go, what trails and roads to see?  Where have you always wanted to pack up your running shoes and go explore?  Maybe you’ll add a little adventure this year too and our paths will cross. 🙂

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