Congratulations, 2013 Ambassador Team!

This year we received a record number of Ambassador applications!  A special thank-you to EVERYONE who applied for the Ambassador program, we’re endlessly appreciative to the leaders in this running community.  These 40 enthusiastic runners below are the best of the best, from all over the U.S, ready to lead 25,000 SF Marathoners to the finish line.  Congratulations to our 2012-2013 team:

Albert Pham
Aletta Kennedy
Alisyn Gularte
Alyssa Yell
Anthony So
Aron Eichhorn
Beki Berrey
Bruce Ahlf
Celia Kujala
Charlene Ragsdale
Charlie Johnston
Christopher Kovalchick
Christopher Malenab
Courtney Alev
Daniela Vasquez
David Pierson
Elise Nelson
Emily Favret
Heather Gonzalez
Holly Batchelder
Jane Keegan
Jon Turner
Josephine Rodgers
Joshua Snow Hansen
Keith Schlottman
Kelsey Godfrey
Kristin Tarr
Kristina Murphy
Laura Baldwin
Laura Langerwerf
Lauren Hipp
Lauren Wilke
Libby Jones
Luis Bueno
Mark Hagan
Mary Kelly Persyn
Meg Gudgeirsson
Paulette Ference
Peter Rabover
Ryan Novack
Westley Lashley

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