Making Time For Your Run

I am a morning person. I love the quietness of the early mornings. I love reading the news over a cup of coffee.

And so it might come as no surprise, that I am also a morning runner. Most of my weekday runs happen at 5am. Crazy? No! Let me see if I can convince you to also be an early morning runner!

10 Reasons Why Running Early is Awesome!

10-  It’s dark. No one can see that you running clothes clash & what you look like without make up and with bed hair.

9-  Rocking headlamps with your runner friends makes drivers think, for just a moment, that there might be aliens on earth after all.

8- You CAN have that giant breakfast including some hash browns (yum!)

7-  If you’re running late for the group run, there’s no one else on the road as you drive to your run start.

6-  No sunglasses or sunscreen required.

5-  You burn more calories when you workout early.

4-  No dreading a late evening/night run after work.

3-  You can watch a beautiful sunrise (well, as long as it’s not winter, sigh).

2-  You are too tired to realize/care that you’re about to go for a run.

1-  It’s 7am and you’re already done with your workout!!

Not convinced? That’s ok. As long as you find the time that works for you and you get in your run, that’s awesome. Making and perfecting your running schedule is all about finding the time that works best for you, when you’ll get your run in, and then you can soak in all that pride of accomplishing your goal of running today!

Happy running!

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