Spring in Your Step!

Farewell Winter and…..Spring is finally here. The time has changed and with it comes longer evenings and more time to get outside and get fresh. This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year to enjoy running, feel rejuvenated and set some new goals. So don’t worry if some “new years resolutions” have gone by way side, start a fresh with spring and use it as a new beginning. Our mind set changes during spring and we tend to make more time to get out and exercise and also we are happy to do it!! Getting out in the fresh air is no longer a chore but an exciting adventure.

Its time to get outside and reap the benefits. Longer days = longer smiles:)
So here are some tips to enhance your workouts during the spring:

If you’ve spent the Winter running indoors on a treadmill, take a little time to acclimate your body to outdoor running. Running outside can be harder than running on a treadmill, since you don’t have a predictable surface area or the assistance of a treadmill belt pulling your legs as you run. Your transition to running outdoors should be gradual and take it easy and enjoy whats around you.

My Mum and my Granny used to always say “April showers bring April flowers”!-so enjoy the flowers!! Don’t let Spring showers deter you or put you off when you need to get out and enjoy the fresh air. I always find that if you plan accordingly, its all good. Sometimes if its slick on the surface tread a little lighter and slower and be mindful of the surface ahead. Wear the right waterproof gear to make sure that you don’t get soaked.

And as Spring is a transitional season, it’s important to dress in layers. Don’t forget that lightweight wicking, noncotton materials are best, especially during drizzly or colder days where wind is probable.

A great way to stay motivated through your spring training is to pick a race that’s a few months away. It will give you a goal to work toward. Just be realistic and allow yourself the proper time to get ready.

Make sure your running shoes are in good order, it is easy to forget how old or worn your running gear is, particular shoes. When was the last time you replaced your running shoes, if the answer is “I don’t know” then you may need to re evaluate!! Every 300-500 miles is recommended.

If you took some time off from running, you may be frustrated thinking about your previous fitness level. Don’t beat yourself up and put pressure on yourself to get back into shape quickly. You’ll have plenty of time to train and improve your fitness before the summer and fall racing season. Just enjoy running as you work on building up your fitness level gradually and safely.

Enjoy the longer days and brighter mornings and find a spring in your step, every day.

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