The Runner’s High

I remember when I first started running, I experienced that “Runners High.” That feeling of greatness when all you want to do is shout out from a rooftop, “I LOVE RUNNING.” Every run felt like it was the most amazing run ever. I was invincible.

Then I started participating in 5k events, and I actually started to win. And if I didn’t win then I would Age Place. Those small moments of glory really got me high. And if I wasn’t sprinting my little heart out, I was training for longer mileage which also gave me a fix. I was a true addict! Thank goodness running is not illegal or I would really have a problem.

Recently however, I seem to have lost that loving feeling. Every run seems like a losing battle within myself. Every stride is a struggle. Running seems more like a chore than a pastime. Not only do I give up hope that I might never experience that endorphin rush again, but I lose confidence in my abilities.

And then suddenly, and without warning, it all comes back. Suddenly, rushing through my veins, “endorphin euphoria.” And I realize, having one great run makes up for all the rest of those humdrum ones. These great runs might be few and far between, but when they happen, I cherish them.

And thankfully, I am not alone. Fellow Ambassador Charlene wrote about overcoming a bad run. Knowing that others experience the same bad runs is very comforting. Not to mention you can learn so much from them.

So while I am not experiencing that “Runner’s High” as often as I once did, I know that it will return. Until then, I just keep plugging along appreciating the fact that at least I can still run.

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