LA/SF Challenge

Only 76 days remain until The Wipro San Francisco Marathon. For some the June race might be a target race, for others it is an opportunity to get a long run in and enjoy the city by the bay. I am one of those people who will be enjoying each moment of the course as we travel alongside and through various iconic members of San Francisco. Just a few weeks off of completing the Asics LA Marathon, I need some off time from chasing a time on the clock or really hitting specific workouts during he week.

Even with taking some “time off”, I still have logged in my mileage to make sure I have the legs under me to run not just the SF Marathon in June but also the Big Sur International Marathon in April. With planning my schedule, I knew that hitting 3 marathons in a 13 week span would be a tough task, facing possible fatigue, injury and perhaps the most dangerous, the mental and emotional burnout. While signing up for races is a key component in planning a schedule, another critical part of the schedule is prioritizing which is a goal race. For me I opted to make the Asics LA Marathon my target race for the spring. This was due to coming off a disappointing performance and the California International Marathon, but still having a good running base before entering a training cycle to prepare me for LA. Well before LA, I also made the decision that Big Sur International Marathon and The Wipro San Francisco Marathon would be an opportunity to get a long run in with friends along beautiful and scenic courses.

For some, the Asics LA Marathon was a tune up or mileage builder for another marathon, specifically for the SF Marathon so they can run a PR and earn their LA/SF Challenge Medal. If this is the case for you, I hope your training is going well and you are able to achieve the goals you set for yourself come this June.

How is your training going?  Are you excited for the upcoming SF Marathon? Do you ever run a marathon as a training run or do you attempt to “race” each marathon?

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