Empowered Children. Transformed Lives.

We have a lot of amazing marathoners who are running The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon for a cause. Check out the story below and find out how you can do good with your run.

Sara Jones

Running for: Children of Grace

I am running the SF Half Marathon to raise money for Children of Grace, an amazing faith-based Non-Government Organization that provides education, mentors, basic healthcare and hope for orphans who have lost their parents to the the AIDS pandemic in Uganda. 

235.9-SponsorDayMeNjunMarygraceI had the incredible opportunity this past January to volunteer on a short-term missions trip to Jinja, Uganda; where I assisted the local staff in health screenings, scholastic hand-outs for the upcoming school year, and in hosting an overnight camp for their P7-S1 year students. In a country without public healthcare or education, it’s sponsorship programs like COG that give these beautiful kids a chance at a future.

In the few weeks I spent with the students of COG, I absolutely fell in love with their joyful, loving spirits. The children in this program exude a sense of thankfulness and community that seems unparalleled here in America; where we have so much, but often appreciate so little. These kids live in such abject poverty, and have so much need, yet they taught me so much about how to truly enjoy life. I am hoping to raise enough to send much needed supplies, help enroll more kids in the program, and hopefully get back to Jinja to take a more hands-on roll in this organization someday soon.

For more information on Children of Grace, please visit their website childrenofgrace.com I thank you so much for giving me a forum to raise funds on their behalf.

Peace & blessings,

Sara Jones

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