Training for TSFM with Runkeeper, By The Numbers

This year The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon partnered with leading fitness-tracking app, Runkeeper, to offer official full marathon and half marathon training plans from The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon’s RUN365 training program to users on iPhone and Android.

Thousands of runners logged on to Runkeeper to train for full and half marathon distances, choosing the 18-, 12- or 8-week training plans that fit their needs. Trainees received daily training schedules with details on pace, distance, strength and more. Plans include guidance on rest, recovery and cross training, and offer customized workout plans for intermediate verses advanced runners.

Read on below to see how their training stacked up week-over-week, and discover details on when, how often, and how long they trained. Discover differences between race distance training records, male and female trainees and trainees of different ages.

How did your training measure up to runners using Runkeeper training plans?


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