Power Crunch & The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon

Power Crunch

“The important thing is to keep questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” These words from the great physicist, Albert Einstein ring true in the life of the Power Crunch founder and CEO, Kevin Lawrence. Today, Power Crunch is appropriately known as “The Einstein of Protein,” but this didn’t take place overnight. Power Crunch and its parent company, BioNutritional Research Group came about due to a life-threatening issue and as the saying goes, Lawrence’s curiosity became the source of the solution.

As a former college football player and world champion body builder, Lawrence put his advanced knowledge of nutritional supplements and protein nutrition to the ultimate test when faced with the life shattering dilemma of a critically ill newborn child. Ultimately, he created a hydrolyzed whey infant formula that became the solution to a very serious case of infantile colitis. That same protein solution became the inspiration and the basis for every product in the Power Crunch line today.

Unable to nurse due to complications with a C-section birth and subsequent antibiotic treatment, young Khalen began life on commercial infant formula. After 8 weeks, Khalen developed a severe case of colitis which is especially dangerous for infants. Based on his personal experience with protein supplements, Lawrence came to the unorthodox conclusion that Khalen might be suffering due to the inability to digest the very large intact protein molecules in his formula. This concept was quite different than the standard medical hypothesis which attributes this condition to the source of the protein (milk, egg, soy, etc.) or other ingredients it contains. After feeding Khalen the new formula he fully recovered in just 2 days! The malady did not return.

The same protein genius in the form of high-dh hydrolyzed whey protein that was used to immediately restore the health of his child decades ago is found in every Power Crunch product today. There could be no more personal and proven stamp of approval on a product than this.

As the years went on the body of protein science grew rapidly, and Lawrence continued to revise his protein formulas. Amazingly, the most recent protein research has shown the hydrolysate effects in health and performance to be significantly more invasive and extensive than he ever imagined. Through constant innovation the Power Crunch line, with its best-in-class taste and textures, is the pinnacle of smart protein nutrition, earning it the label “The Einstein of Protein.”

Power Crunch delivers super-protein nutrition for every need or desire including use as the backbone of daily protein needs, pre-work out and recovery, meal replacement and as a healthy snack option. In addition to being the most scientifically advanced protein on the market, Power Crunch products have an uncompromising taste and texture the entire product line. With flavors like Triple Chocolate, French Vanilla Créme, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter Fudge, Chocolate Mint, Café Mocha and more, you’re sure to satisfy your most indulgent desires!

If you are a fan of protein/energy bars you’re undoubtedly aware of the current craze for Power Crunch Original crème-filled wafer cookies. With double digit growth numbers every year for the last 5 years Power Crunch, the Einstein of Protein, is one of the major brands driving newly invigorated sales in over 50,000 doors of the country’s largest retailers including Walmart, Trader Joes, Kroger, Albertsons, GNC, 7-11 and virtually all the regional grocers most of America shops in. Why so much consumer love and response to Power Crunch? The brand sports the only source of next generation protein technology called high-dh hydrolyzed whey protein. What all that means is a smarter choice for the consumer looking to bolster their daily protein nutrition. Hydrolyzed whey is known to deliver super-protein nutrition rapidly and without the gas, bloating and poor taste that characterizes most protein supplements. The Power Crunch line also includes the gluten-free “Crisp” and Choklat bars as well as the protein powder and ready-to-drink products. Every Power Crunch product contains up to 20 grams of soy-free “smart protein” and some of the lowest sugar (5 grams or less) and carbohydrate numbers in the industry. As their logo says, Power Crunch is truly “Protein Genius”.

Power Crunch is proud to provide consumers with its Protein Genius products and it is equally as proud to be the Official Protein Bar of The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon.

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