The Adventure of a Lifetime

Entering a sweepstake is a leap of faith – you’re lured by an amazing prize, but as soon as you submit your entry, doubt creeps in. You start to wonder, “Where did my entry go? Do they really pick a winner? I really want to win… I wonder if I can I submit multiple entries?”

Such was the case with Michael Espejo from San Francisco. He ran The San Francisco Marathon in 2013, answered the call to enter our sweepstakes, and was shocked when he found out that he was selected for the adventure of a lifetime – a trip to Taiwan!

Michael was joined by Adam Klein, winner of the hit-show Survivor, and Jorge Maravilla, winner of The 2017 San Francisco Marathon. Their adventure included round-trip tickets from San Francisco to Taipei on China Airlines, airport transfers and a 3-night hotel package in Taipei (including day tours!), and round-trip tickets to Penghu, including hotel. Best of all, in true runner fashion, Michael won two race entries for the Penghu Cross-Sea Marathon, so that he could race alongside Jorge.

Michael is from a family of runners (8 siblings in all!), and collectively they have accomplished a few hundred marathons, half marathons, 50Ks, a 50M, and a few triathlons. He was the first of his siblings to run an international race – something many talk about, but few accomplish. His dad, at 78, joined him on the trip to Taiwan, and both of them partook in the Penghu race.

Stay tuned for future San Francisco Marathon sweepstakes! Make sure you submit your entry – as Michael can attest, you may be pleasantly surprised with the results!

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