The San Francisco Marathon Mile 21: Course Landmarks

The San Francisco Marathon Mile 21 STATS

Neighborhood: Upper Haight/Lower Haight
Elevation Change: Starts at 284’ end 152’ with steep decline from Baker St. to 21 mile
Stations (water/food/toilet): Water at approx. 20.3 miles
Best Spot for Family/Support: Anywhere on Haight or Buena Vista Park

Yes – The Haight section of San Francisco – we finally get here. So important in the movements in the 60’s and the music world – it is commonly regarded as the birthplace of America’s counterculture, and the center of 1967’s Summer of Love. Mile 21 is all about this historic area for the Victorians and the “hippie” culture – from the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin to its unique Victorian homes. A great idea for any San Francisco Marathon spectator and families is to book a walking tour with area expert, Stan Floride.

San Francisco Marathon Mile 21 - Course Landmark 2022 Haight Ashbury

Other points of interest on Mile 21 is Buena Vista Park which is the second spot on the course mile 21 with a scene in the film “Vertigo.” As runners pass Buena Vista Park and it ends on Baker St. they will begin a steep decline toward the 21 mile marker in the Lower Haight

San Francisco Mile 21 - Course 2022 Landmark - Making of film - Vertigo


Watch the Mile 21 video below and then let’s see what happens in Mile 22 in Lower Haight. Click the Next Mile…






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