The San Francisco Marathon Mile 20: Course Landmarks

The San Francisco Marathon Mile 20 STATS

Neighborhood: Last Leg of Golden Gate Park into the Haight
Elevation Change: Start at 273’ and ends at 284’ with rolling elevation change through the park
Stations (water/food/toilet): none
Best Spot for Family/Support: Conservatory of Flowers or the corner of Haight & Stanyan

Mile 20 of the San Francisco marathon 2022 is all about parks and nature! Runners will first fully enjoy passing the Conservatory of Flowers, a greenhouse and botanical garden that houses a collection of rare and exotic plants in Golden Gate Park. The course flows onto the pathways of the park to Hippie Hill, known in the 60’s for a favorite hippie hangout spot, the Robin Williams Meadow, recently renamed after the late great comic who held his home in our city, and exits the Park at Stanyan and Haight.

Conservatory of Flowers

When runners exit the park they will pass a Whole Foods on the left and just past that on the right is Amoeba Music – a high-quality music store that still stands as a popular SF spot today! The final incline of mile 20 is at Schrader (Cha Cha Cha) and from there you should be able to see mile 20 marker just up ahead.


Mile 20 is like running luscious greens with the smell of the most exotic and rare flowers in California. An absolutely stunning and beautiful mile. Runners will certainly take in its beauty as they pass onto Mile 21.  Watch the mile 20 video below and then let’s go !Click Next Mile…







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