The San Francisco Marathon Mile 14: Course Landmarks

The SF Marathon Mile 14 STATS

Neighborhood: Golden Gate Bridge into The Presidio
Elevation Change: Starts at 200’ and ends at 309’
Stations (water/food/toilet): none
Best Spot for Family/Support: Bridge

Woah! Mile 14 beautiful for SF Marathon runners and spectators alike! This epic mile begins on the bridge straddling the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay.

Once past the Toll Plaza the course takes a turn to the right onto Merchant Road. You’re back in the Presidio. To the right there are a series of Batteries designed to protect the Golden Gate from invasion by sea.

San Francisco Marathon Mile 14 - Course 2022 Landmark - Golden Gate Batteries


Just past the parking area, right around Battery Dynamite Rd., will be the 14 mile marker and the peak of the course!

Watch the mile 14 video below and then let’s go onto Mile 15 and to the Presidio which is the most unique and beautiful area of the course ! Click Next Mile…







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