The San Francisco Marathon Mile 2: Course Landmarks

The San Francisco Marathon Mile 2 STATS

Neighborhood: Fisherman’s Wharf

Elevation Change: Starts at 11’ and ends at 31’ (no significant peaks or valleys)

Stations (water/food/toilet): none

Best Spot for Family/Support: Boudin Bakery

There is so much happening at the wonderful heart of Fisherman’s Wharf for mile 2 of this year’s SF Marathon! Our runners start around Pier 27 then go past Pier 39, and conclude at the iconic sign that is the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf. Boudin Bakery, the absolute best viewing spot for this mile is right here, known for producing some of San Francisco’s best Sourdough bread! Read on and check the Mile 2 Live Video at the end of this post!

Things to do in Fisherman's Wharf: restaurants, Pier 45 & other attractions

You can not miss with the seafood found at this part of the wharf. Alioto’s, Guardino’s and Scoma’s are all quintessential San Francisco.

At the very end of Taylor St., on Pier 45 is Musée Mécanique, a true SF landmark! There you will find antique coin operated arcade games, musical instruments, and dioramas stretching back from circa 1900 to today. There’s also a 1904 Franklin steam powered motorcycle on display! This is an interactive museum of 20th-century penny arcade games and artifacts. With over 300 mechanical machines, it is one of the world’s largest privately owned collections.



Mile 2 of the SF Marathon is so much fun! This is a must do and spend more time, pre and post-race! Let’s now head to Mile 3! Click Next Mile! See the live mile 2 video below!






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