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Mike Wardian Nears the Finish Line of his 2022 U.S. Run

On May 1, Mike Wardian set out from San Francisco on a journey across the United States. Now, he’s got less than a week of running left, so close to reaching his goal he can taste it. Wardian’s arguably long journey has taken him through 10 states so far. It brought serious snowstorms as well as scorching sunshine, people ... More

“I started to learn what it really means to listen to your body and listen to your heart.” Training Intuitively: An Exclusive Post-Race Interview with Alexi Pappas

“First, could you introduce yourself?” “Alexi Pappas, Olympian, writer, filmmaker.” This short, to-the-point introduction belongs to none other than 2016 Olympic athlete Alexi Pappas. Besides knowing how to run really far, really fast, Pappas also published a book called Bravey and has worked on multiple ... More

For the love of running…a time for goals and time for fun!

“I have never lost the love of running just for the sake of running,” says Karnazes. “Sometimes, I just like to go on a run with no goals in mind, just choose a new route. I am always changing things up for the love of running. I never run the same route two days in a row.” More

The Love of the Running Buddy

Contributed by Kristine Ciardello and Cassie Pisone Tis’ the season for love. All kinds of love. Love of your life. Friend love. Puppy love. And the love of running. It’s real, y’all. And even more real? The love of the running buddy. I mean who else do you get to talk about your pre, mid and post run ... More

My Love of Running

Contributed by Anthony Bucci Anthony Bucci is a 2016 Ambassador for The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon. He blogs at thebeerdedrunner.com and plans to run three 50Ks this year, as well as The San Francisco Full Marathon on July 31st. Running is one of my passions. It's one of the things I love to do most in this world. I ... More