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How and Why Amputee Alex Parra Ran the San Francisco Marathon on Crutches | Runner Spotlight Series

Alex Parra, also known on social media as Alex1Leg, is a two-time cancer survivor, an amputee, a disability advocate, and a motivational speaker. Originally from Roseville in California, he now lives in Vancouver, Washington where he moved to be closer to nature. Besides going on hikes, he also loves making videos and bringing ... More

Parisa Arab: A Record-Breaking Athlete You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of | Runner Spotlight Series

"I am an Iranian runner holding 3,000, 5,000, and 10,000-meter national records yet hardly anyone knows me due to public media policies hiding women's achievements in Iran," wrote Parisa Arab in her reply to the SFM Runner Spotlight Series questionnaire. Now, it's time for the world to get to know this multi-record-breaking ... More

How Sanyika Shakur Went from His Block to the San Francisco Marathon | Runner Spotlight Series

Sanyika Shakur is a Houston runner who started to run as a gift to himself for his 31st birthday. Eventually, he moved on from the streets of his childhood, completing three marathons within a year. This is his Runner Spotlight story. Written and edited by Pavlína Marek Sanyika Shakur came from Los Angeles. Now, he lives ... More

Lucie Nestrasilova: A Hockey Mom Who Traveled Across Half the World to Run Her Dream Race | Runner Spotlight Series

When Lucie Nestrasilova was 45 years old, she decided she wanted to do something big for her 50th birthday. Inspired by a book and her wish to run across the Golden Gate Bridge, she said she'd run a half marathon in San Francisco. Eventually, she found time in her incredibly busy life to travel across half of the globe to do ... More

Jeremiah Maestre: a Filipino Runner with Big Dreams and an Even Bigger Heart | Runner Spotlight Series

Jeremiah Maestre is a Filipino-born Orange County runner and martial artist, a father of two, and a man with big dreams and an even bigger heart. He's helped build boxing gyms across the US and coaches combat sports fighters and runners alike. This year, he's heading to the Marathon des Sables to push himself further than ever ... More