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Raising Runners

Contributed by Dr. Lisa Marie Gonzales. Lisa and her twin daughters, Kennedy and Landry, are 2017 Ambassadors for The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon. This post originally appeared on Lisa's blog. Early on in their childhood, I knew it was important to raise children who loved reading. Reading has always been the gateway ... More

Dos and Don’ts of Training for The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon

With 100 days to go until race day at The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon (or 5K, Half Marathon, or Ultramarathon), for many of us, if we haven’t already begun our training, it’s probably about time we do so. More

Upgrade Your Race Distance in 2017: The 40 for 40 Challenge is Worth it

What if 2017 were the year that you committed yourself to doing something that you never thought you could do? If you’re going to go big, The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon is the place to do it. More

Where To Train For Hills in San Francisco

Top 5 places to train for hills in San Francisco. (Don't worry: These are not all part of the official race course!) More

Looking Back: Reflections on Progress

Contributed by Stephanie Davies, a 2017 Ambassador for The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon. We hear it all the time, especially from well-meaning coaches and ones who want us to succeed. The words that they share are designed to push us forward, to focus us, to keep us from losing precious seconds. A child of a cross-coun... More

You never forget how to ride a bicycle, but a unicycle is another matter: Balance & Proprioception

Together, balance and proprioception are vital to a runner’s forward movement and the prevention of injury. More

Respect the Distance

Contributed by Stephanie Laska, a 2016 Ambassador for The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon Last month I ran my first of four marathons scheduled for 2016. I had three goals going in: Place in my division (Check! Second place Athena) Improve my time and PR (Check! By 6 smokin’ minutes) Finish strong (Definitely ... More