Loyal Runner Challenge

Become a Loyal Runner

Any distance for 2+ consecutive years

Be a part of our re-vamped 2022 Loyal Runner Program. All Loyal Runners, 2+ years of consecutive registration will receive a special Loyal Runner shirt in addition to their race day participation shirt. Loyal Runner shirt will be picked up at the Expo with your participant shirt.

BONUS: Upon registration, every Loyal Runner will receive this cool pin and an iron-on Loyal Runner sticker to proudly display your accomplishment! These will be mailed in October.

New this year – pick your own Loyal Runner Gift!

Loyal Runners with 3+ consecutive years of registration will be able to choose a gift from the following list. We will email you by March 1st with a request for the item you prefer. We will order based on your requests, if the item you request is out, you will be able to choose another item. Your items can be picked up at the expo in July.

  1. Roll Up Fleece Blanket
  2. Pullover Graphic Crew Neck Sweatshirt
  3. Nalgene Wide Mouth Reusable Water Bottle – Eco Friendly
  4. Graphite Overnight Duffle Travel Bag
  5. Yoga Mat with Mesh Carrying Case and Shoulder Strap

For our very special 11+ runners, you will receive a Zip-Up Running Vest for 2022, in addition to one of the items from our list.

There are many ways to complete the Loyal Runner Challenge

Races must be completed in consecutive years

2021 2022
All In-Person Any race (In-Person) Any race (In-Person)
All Virtual Any race (Virtually) Any race (Virtually)
Virtual and In-Person Any race (In-Person or Virtually) Any race (In-Person or Virtually)

I’m completing this Challenge by running…

  • In-Person
    • Your Loyal Runner gift must be picked up at the Expo on the year that you qualify.
    • Check your Bib for the Loyal Stamp. This is the ticket to pick up your gift at the Challenges Table. If your bib is not stamped, please visit the Solutions Table at the Expo.
    • Loyal Runner gifts will be distributed at the Challenges Booth at the Race Expo, NOT at the Finish Line Festival
  • Virtually
    • Your Loyal Runner gift will be mailed to you along with your Virtual Race items.

Deferring Registration and Loyal Runner Status

If you choose to defer your 2022 in-person registration until 2023, you will need to participate in our Virtual race to maintain your Loyal Runner status.

We do not have bye years, you must run consecutive years in order to maintain your loyalty status. If you cannot make it to the in-person race you can choose to participate virtually. Simply sign up for our Virtual race, any distance and you will keep your Loyal Runner status. If you miss a year, your Loyalty status resets to zero. Register for Virtual

Virtual runner’s loyalty gifts will be shipped to you with your participant gear and medal approximately Mid-August 2022.

Have you already run with us, and are wondering if you quality for a Challenge?


For additional support, please contact registration@jumpingfences.org