Official Ambassadors of The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon

Each year, a team of Ambassadors represents The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon in their local running communities. Ambassadors represent a broad range of runners who participate in The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon–from competitive athletes with ambitious goals to amateur runners who run to keep fit and have fun.

The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon is proud to support runners who embody our ethos–the spirit of camaraderie and the pursuit of challenge. To that end, we are looking for ambassadors who positively impact their community by training and competing with heart and integrity.

Meet our 2018 Ambassadors!

Audrey Abadilla

Christine Camarillo

Christine O’Connell

David Lam

Jake Martzahn

Jenni Dubman

Junaline Gines

Kelli Hashimoto

Leana Lai

Lisa Gonzalez

Loree Tabigne

Michael Dasalla

Paolo Villacarlos

Ronald Quintero

Sara Martinez

Vanessa Wallace

Víctor Guzman

Stephanie Laska

Katie Burns

Chanel Shum

John Catoline