Race Day Details

  • AWD Program Rest & Reunion Area, with easy access to the Start and Finish Line.
  • Accessible bib pickup pre-race and at race expo.
  • ADA-compliant restrooms.
  • Medical personnel, Prosthetist, bike mechanic, and volunteers on staff to assist as needed.
  • Coffee and water, nutrition and post-race goodies.

Questions about the course and race weekend? Please contact us at: [email protected].

    AWD Program Details

  • Guides

    Guides must wear their GUIDE shirt (provided) during the race to make it clear to race staff and other runners where our guides are located. Guides are not given an official time unless they pay for registration.

  • Wheelchairs

    Both push-rim/racing and handcycles are allowed in all The San Francisco Marathon events. However, it should be noted that the full marathon’s course topography makes this event challenging for athletes in general and athletes with wheelchairs in particular. The race route includes several sections with steep inclines and uneven road surfaces.

    All wheelchair athletes will start at the back of the last wave for the safety of all participants.

  • Duo Teams

    The San Francisco Marathon welcomes duo teams (an able-bodied person allowed to “push” a person with a permanent disability in a customized wheelchair, specific for outdoor road racing).

    Due to safety concerns, both team members, Pusher and Pushee, must be 18 years of age or older. The Pusher must maintain contact and control with the wheelchair at all times and have a tether on the chair. The Pushee in the wheelchair must wear a safety helmet at all times during the race. Motor, pedals, cranks or gears are strictly prohibited.

  • Service Animals

    Yes, before you register you must email customersupport@thesfmarathon.com to submit your dog’s paperwork. You and your dog will be placed in the last corral for safety purposes. Your dog must be on a leash the entire time.

How to Apply as an Athlete with Disability (AWD)

Achilles InternationalThe San Francisco Marathon strives to provide a race that is accessible and safe for ALL runners. To help us do so, we have partnered with Achilles International San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.

Achilles International is a non-profit organization that provides athletes with disabilities with a community of support. Able-bodied volunteers and disabled runners come together to train in an environment of support and community.

Athletes wishing to participate in The San Francisco Marathon’s AWD Program as a runner or a guide, please email achillessfbayarea@gmail.com for information regarding registration (special pricing available), getting set up with a guide or any additional support you might need.

Please note: membership with Achilles International is 100% free.