Bridget Batson’s Weekly Running Recipe- Week 4

Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Thyme and Dried Apricot Chutney

As we patiently wait for spring, dried fruits are a staple for any pantry. I chose apricots for this recipe but raisins, prunes, cherries and figs are a delicious accompaniment to the roasted pork.

You will need:

A 400-degree oven

12 oz pork tenderloin
1 T thyme, chopped
olive oil
salt & pepper

For the apricots:
½ cup diced apricots
½ cup honey
½ cup cider vinegar
4 cloves
zest from ½ orange

In a small pot combine all of the ingredients excluding the apricots. Bring to a simmer and let reduce until syrupy. Remove from the heat and add the dried apricots, season with salt and pepper.

Rub the pork with just enough olive oil to cover, sprinkle with the thyme, salt and pepper. Place the pork on a roasting pan and into the oven. Roast for about 12 – 15 minutes or until the pork is slightly pink in the middle. Remove the pork and let it rest for a few minutes.

Slice the pork and spoon some of the apricots over the top. I like to serve this with steamed broccoli and a baked yam.

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