Halfing it All

It’s no secret – I’ve been known to register for races purely because of the bling blang. (No judging.)

Page Medal

Ambassador and Guest Blogger Page showing off her “Bling” after the 2010 Half Marathon!

You know what I’m talking about — the gold, the silver, the medals — the bling blang! After hours of pushing your physical limits and testing your mental stamina, there’s nothing quite like getting a medal draped around your sweaty neck. You look at it, you hold it, you pose in cheese-tastic photos with it. It’s a tangible recognition of what you have accomplished and for a moment, you feel like a professional athlete (now where’s the olive tree wreath?

I was never really an athlete growing up, thus, I never took home any trophies or ribbons that would boast any athletic accomplishments. Oh wait, I take that back, I did get 8th place in gymnastics once and I showed off that ribbon with pride. But beyond those 8th place accolades… nada. Fast forward 19 years and I have an oh-so-special place in my heart for race bling blang and am seeking out the best!

When I heard that the San Francisco Marathon was introducing a new “Half It All Challenge”, my heart began to flutter. First off, anyone who utters the word “challenge” is on. Second, a chance to earn additional bling blang outside the normal finishers’ swag? Consider me sold.

As you probably know, The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon has TWO Half Marathons that you can choose from. With the new Half It All Challenge, if you run the 1st Half Marathon and 2nd Half Marathon in two consecutive years, you will early the all-new Half it All™ Challenge Medal. Wait, wait, here’s the little kid in me coming out: this additional medal SPINS. It’s ridiculous how excited I am for this!

Last year I ran the second half and this year I’ll be trekking across the Golden Gate Bridge in pursuit of the Half It All Challenge Medal. I’m eagerly awaiting to have my hand at this challenge – not to mention spin it around for a solid five minutes appeasing my inner child and bling blang obsessed self.

Half it All

Half it All Challenge Medals- Front and back!

To top it off, the accomplishment of this challenge will mean that I’ve run 26.2 miles through one of the greatest cities it world, making it worth more than the hurt, but worth every single San Francisco step.

Who else is taking this challenge with me? Can’t wait to see you on the course!

Read more about registering for the Half it All Challenge and details here.

Happy Running!

-Page Spicer

Hey there! I’m Page from Twenty-Six and Then Some and I’m excited to be guest blogging for The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon. This will be my third time running the San Francisco half marathon and I’ll be running the 1st half this year (you can read about my experience on the 2nd half last year here). Feel free to stop by, tweet me, Facebook me, or send me a messenger pigeon. Happy running!

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