It Only Takes Half a Penny

Male RunnerI want half a penny from you. That’s it. I’m running The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon to fight cancer. I’m doing it in memory of my friend Sue Dailey, who lost her battle in January at the age of 45, leaving behind her husband and two small children. I’m doing it in honor of my dad, who had cancer removed from his bladder last week — the fifth time he’s been through that process since 2004.

I’m doing it because every dollar makes a difference. Whether the money goes towards treatment, research or prevention, it makes a difference. It saves lives. I’m proud to be raising money for the American Institute for Cancer Research and the Be Aware Foundation.

Raising money for charity with my running is something I started doing last year, when  I ran 61 full marathons to raise money for a great charity called Train 4 Autism in honor of my son Jack, who is severely autistic. I continue to try to use my running to raise money for great causes, because there’s no reason to let this window of opportunity go to waste. Why not try to make a difference while I can?

In this year’s San Francisco Marathon, I’ll be one of two [intlink id=”3386″ type=”page”]Charity Chasers[/intlink], starting dead last and collecting pledges for each runner I pass. I’ve had a challenging training cycle, but I’ve still done everything I can to get myself into the best shape possible and I won’t stop preparing until I cross through the start line on July 31. I’ll be all-in like I’ve never been in any of my 93 lifetime marathons because this one means so much to me.

I’m going to save lives. I’m doing it for Sue. I’m doing it for my dad. And all I need from you is half a penny. Can you pledge half a measly penny for each runner I pass? Based on last year’s results and my training this year, I’m expecting to pass about 3,800 runners. That would be $19. Can you even get lunch for two for $19 any more?

Make a pledge today, make a sandwich tomorrow and let’s start saving lives! Wouldn’t you like to make a difference? Click here to make a pledge and I’ll follow up with you after the race. It’s super easy! Follow along on my website and follow me on Twitter at @operationjack and you can see how much all these half pennies add up to as we get through this. Thank you for your support!

Guest Blogger Sam Felsenfeld (possibly better known as Operation Jack) is a Charity Runner from Southern California.  He has completed over 90 Marathons, 4 Ultramarathons, and has over 25 Boston-Qualifying Race times. He’s returning to The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon to battle Dane Rauschenberg in the Charity Chaser Challenge.  Both men will compete to raise the most money for their causes by starting in the back of the pack and racing to pass the most runners possible.

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