I’m Moving To San Francisco; Will You Be My Friend?

Guest Blogger Eric Jorgensen

One of my favorite TV shows is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and like most of that show’s fans, Charlie is my favorite character. In the episode The Gang Hits the Road, Charlie admits he’s never left Philadelphia and he has lots of questions about what life is like outside of his hometown. The world outside of Philadelphia might as well have been Middle Earth, because Charlie is absolutely oblivious to the world he lives in.

I’m no Charlie—I don’t boil all my denims or mitten my kittens—but we share curiosity for what life is like in another part of the country. Next week, I’m leaving my current home in the Midwest for San Francisco and a new job. For me, it’s not just a new city, it’s a whole new life, and I have so many questions!

Who is going to be my emergency contact?

Whose idea was it to make parking so freaking expensive?

Why are there no Chick-Fil-A’s in town?

I think I know most of the good places to run in town. The other ambassadors have written several posts about this, which in turn have generated some reader-recommended routes, but a lot of these places are trails. What are some good neighborhoods to run through?

What are the best gyms in town? Do any have a massive tire??

Where’s the best place to eat a monster breakfast after a race?

One thing I am excited about is training with RUN365. I am definitely looking forward to running with other marathoners.  With that, I’m excited to meet all of you. I will be hitting as many training sessions as my schedule allows, and I would love to see you other enthusiasts there.

What are your favorite experiences from training and living San Francisco?

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