Weight in Vain

Guest Blogger Alisyn Gularte

Confession time – Since January, I have gained (gasp) ten pounds. As a runner, I had always had the pre-conceived notion that as long as I am running, I can eat whatever I please, and not gain a pound. A lovely thought, but a fictitious statement all the same. I know exactly how I gained the weight too. I began a new relationship and in the courting stage, I did more wining and dining than I should. Around the same time, I lost my cat and became the “stress eater.” Both of these life changes gave me a nice little middle that I am currently trying to work off.

Teaching fitness classes in the past, I know what I need to do to get back to my desired goal weight. It takes time, but I am certainly committed to getting the pounds off.  I wish I could just swoosh my magic wand and poof be gone the pounds, but no magic is involved in my plan. It is practical and easy, but the talking about it is far easier than the doing. That is why blogging is so great. I can be held accountable for the words that I write.

Here is my plan:

Increasing my weekly running mileage will help stabilize my weight. I am currently experiencing IT Band issues, and my weekly mileage has not been as high as I would like it to be, so I add other cardio-activities to my regime. Even if I don’t run, I am finding that doing four to five days of intensive cardio workouts for 45 plus minutes will help shed the pounds. The key is to find something I love doing. I don’t care much for cardio machines at the gym, and I am less motivated to go. I always seem to find an excuse to skip out early. Besides running, I love to dance, so a swing dance class keeps me excited, and wanting to go back for more.

Work that core. I do core and AB exercises every day. The best time for me is after I run. A strong core makes a happy runner with good form.  Enough said.

I’m an over indulger, I love to just keep eating. When dining out, I find that portions can be quite large. I usually cut my plate in half and box up one half straightaway. Not only does this ensure that I am not over eating, but I will have yummy leftovers to take home.

I would like to think that I am eating healthy when I order a salad, but sadly this is not the case. The greener the lettuce leaves the more nutrients I will receive. I try to always aim for spinach leaves verses iceberg. Also, I always, always, ask for my dressing on the side and rarely finish what they give me.

I don’t drink soda at all. Years ago, I just quit cold turkey and haven’t thought about the stuff since. Some say that soda adds ten pounds a year. Who knows, but it does have a lot of sugar that I can certainly do without. I also pick and choose my electrolyte drinks carefully and stay away from those fancy sugared coffee drinks. Don’t get me wrong, I do drink a ton of coffee, just with nothing in it but a bit of soy milk.

When drinking alcoholic beverages, I tend to stick with beer and wine in moderation. I stay away from cocktails and mixed hard liquor beverages as they hold a lot of sugars that I also really don’t need.

Speaking of sugars – I have a sweet tooth like you wouldn’t believe. I really need to pick and choose my desserts. This is the hardest for me to achieve. I let myself have a couple of sweets a week, but my will is weak. Cutting down these decadents plays a huge part in assisting with my weight loss goals.

Run365 Training Program Coordinator Erin Sheehy also provided some great advice stating to write down and track daily food intake and calories burned. She mentions there are many online tools to try that include but not limited to http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ that is also available as an app for your cell phone. I have actually tried this particular app and I must say I do love scanning all my food to see what I am actually putting in my mouth. It holds me accountable and allows me to not go over my daily calorie intake.

So there it is. A few things off of my long list of getting back to my desired weight. Wish me luck, as I continue my never ending journey of improving my body, soul, and mind.

What about you? Do you have any weight loss tips I can try?

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