Sight Set for LA/SF Marathon Challenge

After a disappointing performance at the recent California International Marathon in Sacramento, I regained my focus and will resume my training this week, as 2013 has a nice little challenge in store for me in the first 6 months. The specific challenge is running both the LA Marathon on March 17 followed by The Wipro San Francisco Marathon on June 16. Known as “The LA/SF Challenge”, runners who complete both of these events get a medal at each race like other races, also receive some additional “BLING”. As most runners can attest, we love bling! While in the pursuit of the “LA/SF Challenge”, I will also be running the Big Sur International Marathon right in the middle of the two marathon events. Upon completion of “The Challenge”, I will have completed my 4th SF Marathon, 1st LA marathon and a total of 14 marathons.

The “LA/SF Challenge” rules are simple, run both events consecutively, the starting event does not matter. So for me since I ran The Wipro San Francisco Marathon in July of 2012, the LA Marathon will be my final step in completing the challenge in 2013. However, from a personal standpoint, I am considering the LA Marathon to be the first in 2 steps as I would like to complete both in the same calendar year. Again this is just a personal rule that I put into place, however I know many of you are eligible to get the additional bling since you completed The SF Marathon back in July of 2012.  Click here for more information and rules for the “LA/SF Challenge”. Since you have already taken step number 1 on completing the Wipro San Francisco Marathon, go ahead and click here to complete the challenge for yourself. If you have not taken any steps towards getting this awesome medal that you can wear for formal occasions than you will want to go ahead and register for both marathons ASAP!

By the way, if you are thinking running 2 marathons in a span of 13 weeks is crazy, you have options.  You have the choice of running the full marathon in LA, and then complete one of the half marathons that are offered in San Francisco. While there is no getting around running 26.2 miles at the point to point LA Marathon, you do have the option of running the first half or the second half of the loop course at the San Francisco Marathon. If you are opting to run a half marathon in San Francisco, I highly recommend that you run the first half, especially if this is your first time running SF. The first half of the San Francisco Marathon offers the beautiful opportunity to run an out and back over the Golden Gate Bridge before making your way along the Presidio and finishing the 13.1 miles in Golden Gate Park.

Over the course of the “LA/SF Challenge” I will be reporting on my training and how I will be preparing to tackle 3 marathons in a span of 13 weeks. Every 2 weeks, starting from today (Dec. 10), I will dedicate a blog post on preparing for the craziness that these marathons will have to offer for me. Oh and did I mention? I am going to try to qualify for the Boston Marathon during the LA Marathon, a qualifying time for me will mean I must run 26.2 miles at a time of 3:05:00 or faster. So take the challenge, sign up for both events and get 3 medals!

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