Tips for Keeping Fit & Fab During the Holidays

Holidays are upon us and to some, it means additional stress: parties, shopping, decorating, eating and more.  To some, going on a run is the last thing they think of.

However during the holidays, more than any other time of year, you need a good run.  Even a short 3 mile run, will recharge your batteries and help you maintain your stress. Here are some ways to squeeze in a run during the holiday season:

1.        Before your day starts.  Yes, we know it’s cold, but what better way to start the day than a good run around the block. Plus, all those endorphins you get in the morning will get you in a good mood for the rest of the day!

2.       At lunchtime.  Bring your running clothes with you to the office and go out for a quick run.  Time it right, you still should have time to eat a lunch, afterwards

3.       After work.  Find a location close to your workplace and run.  Don’t wait until you get home, you will push it aside.  Before you get in that car, get a run in.

Another reason you don’t want to miss out on a run.  The more runs you miss, the easier it is to not start again.  Don’t let the Holidays invade your decision for a healthy lifestyle.   It’s a gift to yourself!

Can’t get out the door?  Then hit the treadmill or even run stairs.  I have two flights of stairs in my house.  If I run up and down it 20 times = 2000 steps.  That gets the blood pumping!  Look around your house.  How can you get a run in without going outside?

How about stationary sprints?  Run as fast as you can (in place) for 30 seconds. Do this 5 times and build up to 1 minute by your last rep.

There is no, “I will start back up after the first of the year” make a choice and commitment to find ways to stay active and run.  And don’t forget to gear up for your training to join myself and the other San Francisco Ambassadors at the Wipro SF Marathon in June!

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