Beginning Anew, Again

As we draw closer to the end of January, many of those who stepped away from their New Year’s Resolutions.

Time to hop back onto the horse!

If you missed a couple days or couple weeks, it is never too late to start a fitness and wellness program.  The choice is yours, do you feel you are worth it?  Do you feel your family is work having you healthy and strong?

On March 22,2010 that is the decision I made for myself.  At 48 years old and once being very ill, I had enough. I wanted to be healthy again.  I wasn’t over weight, but I wasn’t healthy.  How did I begin?  I dusted up one of my old Zumba DVD’s and started moving.  Sure, I lost a little weight – but soon, I was also eating cleaner and leaner.

Notice the date I started – March. It wasn’t in January.  I didn’t even set a New Year’s Resolution, I woke up one day and decided I was tired of being sick & tired.  I worked out at home, never once going outside for a walk or a run. I didn’t start running until 2 months later.  That same year, I ran my first Half Marathon and at the age of 51 – fitness is my lifestyle.   It didn’t start that way…it evolved.

2010 – First Half Marathon

While it is important to set goals and have dreams, we have to be too careful to forget the road we are on right now by focusing too much on the horizon ahead of us.  When I started working out, if someone would of told me I would be running in a Half Marathon 9 months later, I would of gotten scared and quit.  Set small obtainable goals and see where it takes you.

2012 – 5K Master’s Female Winner

Great goals:

Do 10 pushups without being on your knees
Run in place for 1 minute at a full sprint
Stretch out to touch your toes
Get through a certain exercise sequence without stopping
Climb a trail during a hike without stopping

Pick little goals and work at achieving them, before you move onto the next goal.  Let fitness find you – where you are.  You have to start somewhere at some point.  Why not start (or re-start) right now.  So what if you had 3 donuts and a cream filled coffee this morning?  Start now, not in the AM.   Be in control of you.

Begin each day anew and work towards your goals.  You never know where it will lead.

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