Have Camera, Will Run

Running outdoors is the perfect way to experience your surroundings and take in all the beautiful views, especially if it’s San Francisco! So why not take some photos to chronicle what you come across? I love to run and I love to take photos so it’s natural for me to run with my phone and take quick snapshots whenever I get inspired.  The following are some of my favorite photos taken while running, many of which you’ll be able to experience yourself when you run the SF Marathon!  😉 


This has got to be my favorite running photo! I took this during a dusk run through the city last year when I looked up and realized how beautiful the sky and clouds looked draped over the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge view never gets old.




I made it a goal to high five Hoppers Hands at Fort Point at least once a week while running.




This is a photo from my first run through Muir Woods just north of San Francisco. It was one of the most invigorating runs of my life! Beautiful views, complete silence, crisp fresh air, and a sense of humility and gratitude to be among some of the oldest and largest things on the planet. Can you spot Waldo?!






Selfies are totally acceptable when you’re running! I had to snap this photo while running in Golden Gate Park because I wanted to capture how happy I felt during that particular run.




This compilation of photos is from the time I ran the Zombie Runner Half Marathon near Crissy Field. It stands out to me because it was one of the hardest races I had ever run, with 10 of the 13 miles being brutal hills and steps, and even a stretch on Baker Beach that made my legs feel like jello. I used a free Android app called Photo Grid to create this compilation.




Climbing up the steps and hill to Coit Tower always left me gasping for air, but the great views made it totally worth it.




I took this photo during a training run for the Nike Women’s Marathon last year, and it’s significant to me because it was one of my favorite hills to run. I climbed this hill on Fillmore Street from the Marina countless times and broke through many mental and physical barriers on it. It’s an amazing feeling to get to the top and look down at what you’ve accomplished.



Just going through my running photos for this blog post brought back so many great memories. Now it’s your turn to run and create your own photographic mementos! Just remember not to fuss about taking the perfect photo so you don’t end up spending more time snapping than you do running!

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