10 Reasons Why I Love to Run

Everyone runs for a different reason.  What started for me as a way to lose weight has become a way of life.  There are many different reasons why I love to run, here are my Top Ten:


Black toenails are a badge of honor                               

toenailI’m a girl.  I’m a vain girl. I keep my toenails pedicured and painted….but my favorite moment at the salon is when I get that shot of pain as the poor person working on my feet takes of my nail polish.  I look down and see the gorgeous victim of my hard work and training…a black toenail and I post a picture on Facebook or send it to my RBF (Running Best Friend).

In fact, after our first half marathon, she texted me pictures of her black toenails while we were lying on different beds in the same hotel room because we were both too tired to move.





me and dittoSpeaking of my RBF, running gave me Ditto (aka the other Heather).   I’d like to believe we would have become friends regardless, but we bonded over training for our first 5K together, decided to run our first 10K together and rocked our first half and full marathons with one another.  We run together at least twice a week, even now while she’s building a person in her belly!  I’m so blessed to have found a friend like her and I have running to thank!


It takes a village

villageI am so lucky to have a large group of friends who run and/or support my addiction to running.  This year, while training for the LA Marathon, my friends who didn’t need to run the kind of mileage I was doing took turns during my longer runs to support and help me.   A typical long run looked like this:

5 miles from my house to meet…

Ditto who is pregnant and ran 5 miles with me to meet…

Marcy who ran another 5-7 miles with me while pushing her two year-old twins in the running stroller.

It truly takes a village!


Have you seen my sweet buns?

me runningI am not “Model Hot.” I’m not even regular “Hot.”  I’m overweight and a little lumpy.

However, my gluteus maximus is F.I.N.E.   I mean like high and tight and sweet.  As I said before, I can be a bit vain.  If you ask me my favorite body part…it’s my butt.

See right for proof of it’s sweetness!





Yeah, I downloaded Ke$ha.  

keshaWanna make somethin’ of it?  I am forty years old.  I love music, but generally like stuff like Dave Matthews and James Taylor.  I’m an easy listening gal….except when I run.  My running mix runs the gamut from Incubus to the Foo Fighters to the Beastie Boys to Jay Z.  If it pumps me up, I want it on my mix! Running gives me the excuse to download music that might be considered a guilty pleasure for someone of my age.

…uh, no…I’m not listening to Miley Cyrus, I just downloaded it for my running mix.



Eggs and Oatmeal and Pizza and Beer

eggsAs someone who is constantly at war with my weight, I make a conscious effort to watch what I eat on a normal day…but after a long run?  I crave eggs and bacon and oatmeal immediately after.  I’m sure this is due to the fact that Ditto and I started doing breakfast after our Saturday morning runs back in the day.  But after really long runs (half marathon or longer) I want the breakfast after the run (regardless of what time I finish) and pizza and beer for dinner.

And I don’t feel bad giving in to those cravings when I’ve spent the better part of a day burning calories!



Your outfit is soooo cute!

outfitOhhh, where’d you get your running clothes?

So what if I’m getting all sweaty and gross I still want to look cute, especially since running pants make my butt look so good.  I love finding the perfect pants (pockets for nutrition and Chap Stick and a drawstring), the perfect shirt (long enough to cover my gut, cut for a girl!) or  cute accessories! AND I wanna match!

The perfect running outfit not only makes you adorable, but it makes you faster…its science.




GG to Marin

Oh the places we’ll go…


Want an excuse to go on a cool vacation?  Sign up for a race some place you’ve never been!

I have run in San Diego, California, Dallas, Texas and Dublin, Ireland.  Running a race in a dream vacation spot makes you feel a teensy bit less vacation guilt!

How about a run through San Francisco this July?










It may sound weird, but it happens.  You hit a certain speed or mileage and you suddenly get the chills.  Goosebumps creep up your arms, butterflies rock your stomach and a huge smile creeps up your face.  It might not be like the real thing, but it’s the closest you’re gonna get with your clothes on.


It makes me look and feel like this…



Experience your own rungasm on July 27th and sign up for one of the fabulous races at The SF Marathon!

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