Finding Strength Through Marathons

Recently I have been dealing with life’s adversities.  At such a time, one’s immediate reaction is to whine and complain, “why me?” I look at life positively and say, “why not me?” Many things in life are beyond your control, but running is one within your grasp. The hours you put in will show up on your race day results. The mentality that goes into training will prep you for anything in life, especially training for a marathon.

The marathon in my view has to be one of the most demanding of all running distances, because it puts your body and mind to enormous stress, fatigue, anxiety and pain. And no one is excused from such pain. I question any marathoners that says they don’t feel pain at some point in time between mile 23-26.2. Physically, mentally and emotionally your mind tells you to stop, but you have to fight such a negative thought and go on. Running requires a great mental attitude. There will be so many unknowns during the course of 3 hours, 4 hours, even 5 hours but you have to think STRONG!

Unknowns like:

  • weather: wind, rain, heat, high humidity;
  • the course: hill climbs, uneven surfaces like rocks and loose gravel;
  • time expectation: I don’t dwell on this, but a lot of runners do (I feel like running is already hard, why beat yourself up?)


When things are beyond your control on race day, take a deep breath and just accept the conditions you are dealt with. There’s nothing much you can do but to move forward. I like to take the relaxed approach-and I know eventually I’ll get to the finish line. Panic never helps. Stay positive and relaxed!

Be in control. Feeling helpless only reinforces you to give in to your negative feelings. That’s why I say life is like a marathon… and I never tire from running one. Yes, there are ups and downs, highs and lows, but running lets lets you take charge of your life.

Marathons are so fulfilling, you get to know yourself. The more marathons you run, the more you can cope with everyday life’s pressures. There will be triumphs and failures, satisfaction and disappointments, and through time, you will APPRECIATE LIFE so much more.

Running marathons is fulfilling, you will will see how far your potential takes you, how great an individual you can be, and last but not least, it gives you the strength to handle any trials and tribulations.

I am a RUNNER, and through this tough marathon mental training, I CAN handle any setbacks!If you try, so can you!

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