The Social Media Runners

Ever since I started running, I have been so lucky to have such an amazing support system. To be honest, there have been some days that without that support system, I would not lace up my shoes.

And the wild thing is?

I have never met most of them.

Social media is a funny thing. There are some days that I hate Facebook, I hate Twitter, I want nothing to do with it. But there are some days that a sure fire answer to a running question comes from cuing my social media.

For those of you on Twitter. A quick way to get answers to any of your running questions or ask support from the wide world of a running community is to post using the hashtag #runchat. #Runchat is a community of runners world wide that meet up on Sunday nights to talk running, but they also help eah other out during the week, answer questions, lend support, make suggestions for shoes, help remind you to go out for a run, remind you to pack your shoes. The #runchat community is a family that is all encompassing for runners. I find if I miss Sunday nights #runchat my week is not complete.

wp_ss_20140514_0001If you are on Facebook and looking for support. I suggest you search groups for running groups. I am part of several running groups. My favorite group is a collection of Pacific NW based runners in a group “We are runners”. I see these runners out at races or when I am out doing my volunteer commitments and am constantly getting encouragement from them. I also know they are the experts when it comes to local running questions. There are also groups out there that can lead you to running blogs, running giveaways, groups that share technical running articles.  Facebook has many tools for runners to connect and share.

Some of the most supportive runners I have ever interacted with I will be meeting in July. These are my fellow San Francisco Marathon Ambassadors. They have helped me push through to the next level even when I am dealing with tons of chaos in my outside running life. If you have a question of just need some encouragement, feel free to reach out to us. Most of us list a twitter or a website on the SF Marathon Ambassadors page.  They have been like an extended family to me.

Social media can be an amazing tool for runners. You can find advice, support, answers and you can find that kick in the butt when you need it. For me its been one of my life lines to running.

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