Thankful And Blessed

Written by Jody Stoops, 2016 San Francisco Marathon Ambassador

A personal trainer and a certified RRCA running coach with a passion for helping others achieve their goals, whether it’s running their first race, qualifying for the Boston Marathon or attaining a new healthy lifestyle through faith, fitness, motivation, and nutrition. As a marathoner, I have completed 14 full marathons, including the 2013, 2014, and 2015 Boston Marathon (and returning in 2016) and six San Francisco Marathons, my personal favorite. Most importantly, I’m a wife and mother of three teenagers balancing a life that involves staying healthy and fit while raising my family.

Jody StoopsThis time of year we remember and we give thanks. As I look back over this year, I am thankful for so many things. In my running career, I have reached goals I never dreamed possible. Not only did I BQ (Boston Qualify) at the Boston Marathon in April in horrible rainy and cold running conditions, but I also got a new PR (Personal Record) of 3:39:00. Eight weeks later I reached another personal best and came home with a new Half Marathon PR of 1:43:05 at the Rock and Roll San Diego Half Marathon.

These new records were sidelined by some pretty devastating news. I was running my best but not feeling my best. I made a visit to a physical therapist, and after a few weeks of rest and then therapy, he determined that running probably wasn’t the best thing for my body due mainly to a slight curve in my back; scoliosis. The scoliosis, along with the fact that my hips are a little uneven, and one leg is slightly shorter than the other, led to some hamstring issues.

My physical therapist assumed the more I ran, the more my hips were becoming uneven causing more hamstring pain. He suggested I get a second opinion, but nonetheless, he didn’t feel running was doing me any favors. After two months of waiting to get a referral, I finally was able to see an orthopedic. During this time, I chose to stay positive and pray. I always turn to God when things are hard, and I wait and listen to Him. I have been laid up like this before, only the last time was a stress fracture caused by running downhill on concrete and too many back-to-back races. I learned my lesson then, and here I was grounded again not knowing my future…as far as my running career.

The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon was coming up and I kept my sights on that, but I had to drop down to the half marathon. This would have been my 7th year in a row running the full SF Marathon, so I was a little sad to drop down to the half. I ran the first half across the Golden Gate Bridge, and I enjoyed every mile. Not knowing if this was my last race, I stopped to capture some photos of my favorite spots along the race course. I was able to stay positive and even grabbed my teenage daughter out of the crowd to join me as I crossed the finish line with her, hand-in-hand. If this was my last race, I would at least have the memory of crossing the finish line with her!

A few weeks after the race I was able to get my second opinion, and it was good news. I could still run! The doctor didn’t feel that running was causing any issues to my body. Everything looked strong, and I was in amazing shape. So what if I had to deal with a little pain. He wasn’t concerned about it and encouraged me to keep doing what I loved to do. Praise the Lord!

Over the next few months, I reached outside of my comfort zone and participated in my very first relay race. I ran with Team Nuun at the famous Hood to Coast relay race in Oregon. I never would have dreamed of running a relay, or running at night for that matter. Night running isn’t my favorite, which is why I choose to do all of my running during daylight. Hood to Coast was an experience of a lifetime, and I am blessed to say I survived the 90 mph winds and torrential down pour of a storm that blew into Portland and Seaside during our race. It was epic, and we endured and finished as a team.

Currently, I have completed 14 full marathons (including three Boston Marathons) and 10 half marathons, and while I am gratified by those accomplishments, running has meant more to me than just tallying up numbers. It’s given me a new career as the owner of my own personal training and running coaching business, it’s given me opportunities to get connected with great people and events, and it as spawned a new passion; that of helping others succeed in living a healthier life both physically, mentally and spiritually. I ran my first race, the LA Marathon, in 2009 and I haven’t stopped since. I am so thankful I took that first step and ran my first race.

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