Half-ing It All

  • Half it All Challenge

Contributed by Bonnie Wilson

Bonnie Wilson is a 2016 San Francisco Marathon Ambassador who plans to earn her third finisher’s medal from TSFM this July, while simultaneously taking on the Half It All Challenge. She lives in Portland, OR and this is her third year as an Amabassador.

Let’s face it. We all love bling. The feeling of accomplishment when they drape that medal around your neck and you realize that you worked your rear end off to get that. The cheesy photos, the showing off to everyone you know. You know what I am talking about.

And then there is the feeling when you have completed a challenge and get that second medal with your finisher medal. That will be me this year, as I get to tackle the Golden Gate Bridge and the First Half Marathon to complete my Half It All Challenge.

In July, I will not only get my third finisher’s medal from SF (I ran the full in 2014, and the Second Half in 2015), but I will finish the Half It All Challenge and will be running around with the amazing spinner medal (which I fully intend on spinning everywhere).

The Half It All Challenge consists of finishing the First and Second Half Marathons in consecutive years. You have run 26.2 miles through the city, and you have seen the best that the City has to offer. You have truly half-ed it all.

At first, I didn’t intend to go for the Half It All Challenge medal. Last year I had every intention to go for my second marathon, but injuries and training challenges complicated that thought. So I ran the Second Half and had a blast. It was challenging, but fun and rewarding all at the same time. I honestly forgot (probably because I was spent during the second half of the full my first year) how nice the Second Half course was. I was not able to push through the hills of Golden Gate Park; I was so tired that I didn’t take in the views from Ashbury; I just wanted to see the finish when I got back to the waterfront. Last year I really enjoyed being able to see SF and soak in the atmosphere that makes this event so special. (By the way, the 2nd half is underrated and so much fun!)

I was on the fence about my 2016 race plans, but I kept going back to how much I enjoyed last year. I know from experience the First Half is challenging, but it gives you some of the most breathtaking scenic viewpoints of San Francisco. And to be blunt: I want the medal. It is the perfect way to remember my journey in the past three years in SF. How the course always teaches me something new, challenges me, makes me appreciate how beautiful the city of San Francisco is, and how truly strong it has made me. It will also remind me of all the people I have met along the way as I have run in San Francisco.

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