10 Tips On How To Train For Biofreeze SF Marathon

Written by Kelli Tanghe. Kelli and Ari are a mother-daughter duo who compete in endurance races to Raise Awareness for the Inclusion of Physically Challenged/Assisted Athletes. These women are also 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon Ambassadors! You can read more from their Facebook Page at Team Ari.

“Yes, we can cross any finish line and so can you!” said by Kelli Tanghe, mother of Arianna, a 16 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy and Visual Impairment. This mother-daughter duo has crossed over 50 finish lines and is now using an adaptive racing wheelchair that enables Kelli to push her with more ease. Here are 10 ways this mother-daughter duo train for the Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon:

1) Training: many people assume that I do a lot of training on my own but most of our workouts are done together as a team. Some speed workouts are done solo on the treadmill. Getting ready for Biofreeze SF Marathon usually involves a 16-20 week training schedule depending on our race calendar. Training for the Biofreeze SF Marathon is our favorite training season.  

2) A Must-Have Playlist: we never leave home without our Ultimate Team Ari playlist! With the help of our friends and followers, a playlist was created. This playlist does not disappoint! It is the best compilation of music to run with. Some of these songs have even helped us through the toughest of miles in the marathon. Stay tuned as we may share it on Spotify soon.  

3) Equipment Essentials: Ari has a custom running chair that is built for each of our personal measurements including,  my height for pushing, as well as, Ari’s height, weight and frame size. On days that Ari cannot be with me to train, I have a “no excuse mentality.” Since I have to be able push fifty pounds, I practice by running with fifty pound sand bags in Ari’s chair so we don’t skip a beat in training.

4) Four workouts to live by:

I. The speed workout. Our personal favorite; 800 meter repeats. We have a stretch of smooth sidewalk in our neighborhood that makes this fun. Ari is a master of Fartleks (speed plays), yelling at me to run fast to the next street sign or fence pole. I enjoy doing ladder workouts on the treadmill, beginning with 200’s, 400’s, 800’s, 1200’s and then in reverse.

II. The tempo workout. We build a base from five miles and then progress to a 13 mile tempo workout. This gives us a good gauge of our race time prediction.

III. The Long Hilly Run. We live in the Central valley otherwise known as “pancake land,” because it is flat as it could be. Fortunately though, our favorite training grounds are 45 minutes away at a historic town in the foothills called Knights Ferry. You can find us there on many weekends, climbing the hills, and the most difficult incline affectionately known as “Big Bertha.” These workouts are 12-22 miles depending on the schedule. Afterwards, I like to treat myself by soothing my tired legs by wading knee-high in the cold temps of the Stanislaus River located in Knights Ferry Recreational area. This is so much better than taking an ice bath.

IV. The Credit Card Run, AKA the easy run.  I grab my credit card and this dynamic duo has been known to frequent Ari’s favorite drive-thru to quench her thirst for Yogurt Shakes.

5) Nutrition. I use SIS gels and G2 for hydration. Ari loves water and usually a healthy snack. But after long runs these California girls reward ourselves at the best Burger Joint in town.

6) Tune up races. We usually participate in a Triathlon in April and May. We also like to race a half marathon approximately 6 weeks prior to BSFM race day. This helps us build confidence and make any necessary adjustments.

7) Quintessential Gear. Our motto, “It’s okay to look pretty on the run, you’ll be faster and chick all the guys!”  Over the years, we have been able to sport some pretty fantastic gear. Dixie Devil Sport makes a girl look trés chic.  

8) Eyes on the prize. Each training run is an opportunity to practice positive visualization. We closed our eyes and image crossing the finish line and feeling strong.

9) Have a sense of humor. This is our best weapon to train with because it is an opportunity to leave any negativity behind. Even on Ari’s worst days she can find something to laugh about and remind this mom to have a positive mental attitude.

10) Last but never least, we train with a little bit of grit and a whole lotta love.

We wish you all good health, much joy, and success on your journey to the start line. Remember, “yes you can cross any finish line.” See you in July!




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    May 17, 2019 (9:08 am)

    What an inspiration! Keep it up. you’re helping others like me accomplish our running goals and yea Choi’s so much more. Congratulations.