How To Experience Biofreeze SF Marathon Race Week in 72 Hours

Written by Kelli Hashimoto. Kelli is a 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon Ambassador and avid runner. You can learn more from her on Instagram at @_kellinickole  


It is race week and we have just a little over 72 hours to go until the Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon on Sunday! Whether you are running the full marathon, one of the half marathons or the 5K, pre-race nerves may be sneaking up on you and here are some tips to help get you ready to toe the start line. While these are some of my favorite tips to follow, always follow the golden rule of doing what works best for you and avoid trying anything new on race day!


Thursday – 72 Hours To Go


  • Read through the race guide and finalize your race weekend plans such as the race expo, transportation, logistics, what to wear, etc.
  • Time to assess your expectations and get your nerves in check. You’ve already put in the work and now is not the time to cram in last minute training.
  • Need some extra inspiration? Watch a running documentary (ie. Boston: The Documentary, Breaking2, etc.)
  • Go for an easy effort run today.


Friday – 48 Hours To Go


  • Choose to take the extra rest day if you need it or try for a short, easy effort run. Try to add a shakeout run today or tomorrow to avoid feeling sluggish on race day.
  • Marathoners: You might start adding in small amounts of extra carbs to your meals. 
  • Double check that your race weekend plans are good to go.
  • Rest up for a good night’s sleep – the nights leading up to the race are crucial!


Saturday – 24 Hours To Go


  • Take the extra rest day or go for a shakeout run – it’s really up to you! There is an official race shakeout run starting at Fort Mason if you are looking for some company.
  • Marathoners/Half Marathoners: Consider opting for a higher-carb diet today but be careful not to overdo it. The last thing you want is to show up to the start line feeling sluggish and full. Pro tip: Choose foods that have worked in the past, remember nothing new!
  • Head to the expo! The Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon race expo is awesome but try to avoid spending too much unnecessary time on your feet
  • Lastly, pack your bag and lay out your outfit, plus any additional items that you need on race day. This will help to cut down the stress and nerves that you might be feeling the next morning.


Sunday – RACE DAY!


  • It’s time. You put in the training and the day is finally here!
  • Go through your pre-race ritual.
  • Arrive early to find parking, chill out and even make a trip to the bathroom before the lines form.
  • Warm up with some jogging and dynamic stretches.
  • Most important of all, have fun!!!


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