The San Francisco Marathon Mile 16: Course Landmarks

The SF Marathon Mile 16 STATS

Neighborhood: Sea Cliff/Richmond
Elevation Change: Starts at 97’ and ends 203’ steady incline
Stations (water/food/toilet): none
Best Spot for Family/Support: Lake & 27th. or Clement & 27th

Mile 16 of this year’s 2022 SF marathon is a lovely small, elevated rise run through the oceanic view area of Sea Cliff, ending in the neighborhood of Richmond. To start, runners will note a bit of a sharp rise for one block, specifically, from El Camino Del Mar to Lake Street.

China Beach is seen in the foreground with the sea wall. Baker Beach can be seen in the distance

At Lake & 27th there is a clear area for spectators and supporter to cheer runners on, as well as on Clement St. On Clement are many cafes, bakeries and markets. From Lake St. it’s a steady incline running across the Richmond district toward Golden Gate Park.

Four blocks of residential running will get you to Geary Blvd, which runs from the ocean to the city. Just on the other side of that will be mile marker 16.

Runners will thoroughly enjoy this fresh ocean air mile 16 but we have 10 miles to go!  Watch the mile 16 video and then let’s go onto 17! Click Next Mile…







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