The San Francisco Marathon Mile 10: Course Landmarks

The SF Marathon Mile 10 STATS

Neighborhood: Marin Headlands

Elevation Change: Starts at 140’ ends 75’ (gradual de

Stations (water/food/toilet):  none 

Best Spot for Family/Support: N/A

Get ready to do some serious downhill running on Mile 10 of the 2022 San Francisco Marathon! This is a long downhill section here that will eventually take runners back to the water underneath Golden Gate Bridge.

Mile 10 passes through Marin Headlands, which is a gorgeous fog-swept coastal prairie ecosystem that supports visitors, surfers , hikers and of course runners!

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As runners pass here they will notice the sign to lead them to Fort Baker in Mile 11. At that point, there will be a hairpin turn to the right onto East Road Not far after the turn mile, 10 will be complete and onto mile 11!

As we move from ocean view to the once barracks of Fort Baker, runners and spectators get a totally new scenery! Watch Mile 10 Video below and then go to mile 11. Click Next Mile…






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