Good Four You Challenge

Good 4 You!

SFM 2021 + Berkeley Half 2021 (Feb 2022) + SFM 2022 + Berkeley Half 2022 (Nov 2022)

So, you’ve done something incredible. The fact that you clicked a link that took you to this page means that in a short little while you will have run our 4 major races in only a bit over a year and completed the Good for You Challenge. That’s a fantastic feat that needs to be celebrated, so we’ve prepared a little something for you, our no-quitting no-excuse runners!
If you’ve run the 2021 San Francisco Marathon (held in September 2021), the 2021 Berkeley Half Marathon (held in February 2022), the 2022 San Francisco Marathon (held in July of this year), and are running the Berkeley Half Marathon this fall, we’d love to award you for your grit and perseverance with a commemorative hat. It’s amazing that you’ve taken on our four majors while coming out of the pandemic!

Those of you who have run the first three races but aren’t signed up for this year’s Berkeley Half Marathon yet are only one short step from qualifying for this little award: simply sign up and run any distance with us this fall! Then you can say, you did it! Good 4 you, our persistent participant!

Once qualified, your bib will indicate your achievement with a cap stamp. You’ll pick up this cap at expo when you pick up your bib.

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For additional challenge support, please contact us at