For the love of running…a time for goals and time for fun!

Different people run for different reasons: health, camaraderie, personal drive or pure enjoyment. Enjoyment? Some of you might ask…particularly when in the midst of training for an event as challenging as a marathon, some days it can be easier to forget the pleasure and think of the pain you’ve endured throughout your training.

So how does someone like Fitbit Ambassador Dean Karnazes continue to compete and live a fulfilling running life after so many miles on the road?

Dean Karnazes“I have never lost the love of running just for the sake of running,” says Karnazes. “Sometimes, I just like to go on a run with no goals in mind, just choose a new route. I am always changing things up for the love of running. I never run the same route two days in a row.”

This approach can benefit anyone training for The San Francisco Marathon or any race. While you might have goals you need to meet week-by-week to be confident you’re ready on race day, your mindset and the path you take to meet those goals (literally!) can help improve your overall attitude and, subsequently, performance.

According to Dean, he likes setting goals by entering events in the future so those goals are out there. “Other times,’ says Karnazes, “I just like to run for the love of running. I’ll wake up, stick some money in my pocket and go running all day. If I feel like a latte, I will stop for a latte.”

On those days, Karnazes says, “I will run hard when I feel like running hard and I will jog when I don’t, but I will just be out there all day, just kind of exploring, not keeping track of the miles or anything. To me, that is really fresh versus when I am training hard and I have to hit like 100 miles at that pace.”

No matter what your mileage goal – 3, 10 or 26.2 miles – finding and/or reminding yourself of the joy in running will help you meet that goal. If you don’t have a goal in mind, just lace up your running shoes and get out in the fresh air to see where the road takes you!

Named one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World” by TIME magazine for his long list of personal accomplishments, ultra marathoner Dean Karnazes is not only a record-breaking endurance athlete, but also a New York Times bestselling author and successful businessman. California homegrown, but world-renowned, Dean will be back again this year to run the UltraMarathon at The San Francisco Marathon on July 31, 2016, sporting his trusty Fitbit Surge to track yet another awesome athletic endeavor. Dean will definitely be having a good time on race day – running through the beautiful landscape that is this Bay Area local’s backyard.

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